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Green Opal Permanent Adhesive

Green Opal Permanent Adhesive

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Measures: 12" x 12"
Film Thickness: 2mil.
Outdoor Durability: 5-8 years

Materials to Use on:

Application Instructions:
-Clean the surface of your project with rubbing alcohol using a lint free cloth (or alcohol pad) to remove any dust and debris
-Apply transfer tape to the front of the decal. We recommend running a squeegee over the transfer tape/design to get rid of air bubbles
-Peel the design off of the vinyl backing 
-Apply the sticky side of the decal down on the surface of your project using your                                                         finger or a squeegee to smooth it out. 
-Gently remove the transfer tape from your decal

Care Instructions:
-Handwash Only
-Do not soak items with adhesive vinyl on it

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