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Green Glow-in-the-Dark Adhesive

Green Glow-in-the-Dark Adhesive

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Use it to find light switches in the dark, brighten up parties, add glowing decals to kids room. There are millions of uses for Glow in the Dark craft vinyl. The crafting possibilities are endless! 

Glow in the Dark adhesive craft vinyl is charged up by light and continues to glow even after the lights go out. To recharge your glow, simply expose the glow vinyl to light.

Measures: 12" x 12"
Durability: 1-2 Years Outdoors
Thickness: 3.5 mil
Indoor/Outdoor: Both
Finish: Matte

Materials to Use on:

Application Instructions:
-Clean the surface of your project with rubbing alcohol using a lint free cloth (or alcohol pad) to remove any dust and debris
-Apply transfer tape to the front of the decal. We recommend running a squeegee over the transfer tape/design to get rid of air bubbles
-Peel the design off of the vinyl backing 
-Apply the sticky side of the decal down on the surface of your project using your finger or a squeegee to smooth it out. 
-Gently remove the transfer tape from your decal

Care Instructions:
-Handwash Only
-Do not soak items with adhesive vinyl on it

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