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CMBY 708

Celebrity Saint Candle - TSwift

Celebrity Saint Candle - TSwift

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This gorgeous depiction of Taylor Swift as a saint on this prayer candle is the perfect piece of decor for any Swiftie!

This can definitely be a gag gift for someone who just worships her and her music, but it will end up being a lovely addition to any space. The portrait of Taylor includes retro vibes with turquoise, gold and coral coloring, as well as a retro microphone, clock at Midnight, and an acoustic guitar. Can this candle really get any more Taylor themed? The candle is made of thick glass with white wax. If you burn the candle, it has about a 60-80 hour burn life, but this is really just meant to be decor—a secular saint candle! This candle is part of the Celebrity Saint Candle Collection, Vol. 1!


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