CAD-CUT Metallic - Silver

CAD-CUT Metallic - Silver

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Thickness: 63 microns 
Carrier: Attached
Important: Once handled or laundered the material takes on a brushed metallic look.

Materials to Use On:
-100% Cotton
-100% Polyester
-Poly/Cotton Blends

Application Instructions:
-Apply design at 285°F / 140°C
-Use medium pressure for 8-10 seconds 
-Peel carrier cold

Cutting Instructions:
-Cut your design with the pattern side facing down on your mat. MIRROR your image.
-Weed your sheet
-Apply to your blank!

Care Instructions:
-Wait 24 hours before first wash
-Machine wash warm or cold with mild detergent
-Do not bleach or dry clean
-Dry on normal dryer setting

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