Decorating a Wooden Tray using Oracal 813

Decorating a Wooden Tray using Oracal 813

Hi again,

I used to use cardstock and different types of vinyl to make my stencils for my wooden projects until I discovered Oramask 813. Let me tell, once you try Oramask you will never go back to any other method! Two things I love about this item is that it is low-tac and transparent so you can see the item/design underneath it for perfect stencil placement!

Ok, let's get started!

You can cut Oramask just like you would vinyl on your cutting machine. After your design is done cutting, you are going to 'weed' your cut but this time you are going to remove only the part you would like to paint--what you take out will look like a decal, take a peek at the picture below if my wording is confusing.

When you are done weeding use transfer tape to move your stencil onto the surface you would like to decorate just like you would with a decal. Using a foam brush paint on your design. I recommend using an up-and-down motion opposed to a swipe/stroke motion to help prevent the paint from bleeding under your stencil. As for paint I love using chalk or acrylic. I decided to do three separate stencils for this project because it just wasn't lining up straight on the wood as one big piece. Do what works best for you!!!

When the paint is half dry I remove the stencil. If you wait to long to remove the stencil you take a chance of pulling up the paint as well, if you take it off too soon and the paint is a tad watery than there is a chance the paint can run.

Once the stencil is removed you will have a beautiful, custom item!!

You can purchase Oramask 813 on our website using this link!
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